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How did you get to school?

Vi undersøker hvor mye CO2 som slippes ut i forbindelse med transport til skolen.

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Предыдущий рег.ШколаСтранаПериодTravelsResult
2017-02-17Brekke skule (Mellomtrinnet) Norway17.02.201711Vis
2017-01-24Liceul Pedagogic Mihai Eminescu (XIG) Romania24.01.20171Vis
2017-01-19IC 3° Gadda (III D) Italy15.12.2016 — 19.01.201736Vis
2017-01-10IC 3° Gadda (IIG) Italy09.01.2017 — 10.01.201735Vis
2017-01-05Stiftelsen Nyskolen i Oslo (Blåbær) Norway10.12.2016 — 05.01.20179Vis
2016-11-22Sogndal vidaregåande skule (transport) Norway15.11.2016 — 22.11.20162Vis
2016-11-22Sogndal vidaregåande skule (1tpa) Norway22.11.20162Vis
2016-10-19Nye Voss Vidaregåande skule (1H 2016/2017) Norway17.10.2016 — 19.10.201610Vis
2016-09-08Odda barneskole (7a) Norway08.09.201626Vis
2016-07-29Oliver (300) Norway29.07.20161Vis